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  • Reservations PREMIUM

    Every month
    Dedicated Reservations system
    • Dedicated page - Branded under your own page
    • Receive Booking notifications
    • SMS & Email code validation
    • Client reminders
    • FREE Set-Up & Installation of Reservation system ($250)
    • A-Z Restaurant & Menus listed on wandoOra
    • Client Services Portal to manage own requests
  • Wi Fi & Marketing

    Every month
    Convert your Guest Wi Fi to Personalized Log-In
    • Create your own Business Branded Log-In to Wi Fi
    • Remove the need to hand-out Wi Fi log-ins & passwords
    • Marketing messages integrated to your Wi Fi Log-In
    • Private QR to Wi FI & Services
    • Orchestrate to your Business Services - Menu/Store/Services
    • Branded Logos
    • A-Z Business listing on wandoOra
    • Receive your Log-In Users details for Marketing
    • Client Dashboard to view Trends & Analytics
    • Installation FEE + $200

Bar & Restaurant Plans

Choose a Pricing Plan that Suits your Business


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Your personalized Reservation System

Create a professional and beautiful menus. Display Business Bio, Contact details & enquiries. Personalize your own Bar or Restaurant page or have your own dedicated site & pages.

   Add dish labels, descriptions, prices and images

   Get found on search with an SEO-friendly menu

   QR Code to your Menu

   Receive analytics & Reports of for your Bar & Restaurant

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