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WiFi Marketing for your own Business

wandoOra Services brings CUSTOMIZED WIFI LOG IN for guests.

Now you can have your own personalized experience for your Guests + No need to keep handing out Usernames and Passwords.


Monetize your own guest WiFi and manage all customer interactions with your own brand, logo and run dynamic campaigns when a user logs in to your WiFi.

  • Join thousands of businesses that use our Networks’

  • Capture guest data

  • Analyze visitor metrics

  • Automate loyalty marketing

Wi Fi & Marketing

Choose a Pricing Plan that Suits your Business


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Customize the Log-In and Access to your Services

Create your own GUEST WIFI log-in experience. Log in with Social Media and capture all your user data

Own your own User Data & Analysis

Capture guest WiFi data instantly and receive analysis & reports for your business. Use analytics to identify trends and customer behavious.

Client Portal access

View & Manage your own Real-time analytics. Multi language options.

  • Wi Fi & Marketing

    Every month
    Convert your Guest Wi Fi to Personalized Log-In
    • Create your own Business Branded Log-In to Wi Fi
    • Remove the need to hand-out Wi Fi log-ins & passwords
    • Marketing messages integrated to your Wi Fi Log-In
    • Private QR to Wi FI & Services
    • Orchestrate to your Business Services - Menu/Store/Services
    • Branded Logos
    • A-Z Business listing on wandoOra
    • Receive your Log-In Users details for Marketing
    • Client Dashboard to view Trends & Analytics
    • Installation FEE + $200
  • Website PREMIUM

    Every month
    Hosting, Build, Maintenance & Updates + integrated CRM
    • Listed within our A-Z of businesses in your area
    • Professionally designed website design, build & installation
    • Client messaging & automations - Never miss a lead
    • Online Contact Forms
    • List your online Services
    • "Your Brand" Chat - Live customer engagement online
    • FREE Business & SEO Profile Booster - worth $250
    • Back Office Management & Visitor analytics
    • Social Media & Marketing integration
    • Quarterly updates to site
    • Online MarketPlace set-up
    • Installation Fee, Design, Set-up, Consultation + $500 fee

Your client access to WiFi

Run your marketing & campaigns


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